China CNC Brass Parts

China CNC Brass Parts

CNC Brass Parts

•Precision machined components, Machining service, CNC precision machining, Stainless steel precision machined parts manufacturer
•Material to process: aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass
•Precision: 0.01-0.02mm
•Equipments: CNC lathe, processing center, miller, cylindrical bore grinder, surface form grinder, punching machine, etc.
•Surface treatment: zinc, nickel, anodized, polishing
•Parts are used on vehicles, printing machines, food processing machines, textile machines, electronic machines, etc.
•We are able to supply Precision machined components, mechanical parts machining, surface treatment such as anodize and plating according to our customers’ requirement.
•Packaging details: inner plastic bag, outer standard carton box
•Delivery time: 25-35 days
Notes: we manufacture precision machined components in compliance with customer’s designs. The products are shown here ony to present the quality.


China Anodized Aluminum Parts

China Anodized Aluminum Parts

China Anodized Aluminum Parts

1) Mold design and construction

2) Cast and machine complete including heat treatment, NDT testing and coatings,turning.

3) Materials included but not limited to: austenitic, martensitic and precipitation hardening stainless steel alloy, tool, high strength steels, aluminum, copper, magnesium and cobalt-based alloy

4) Tolerance: o linear+/-0.1mm per 20mm

5) Straightness: 0.1mm per 20mm

6) Angular: +/-1 degree

7) Surface finish: 3.2mm (125rms)

8) Flatness: 0.1mm per 20mm²

9) Casting grade and class according to MIL specifications, commercial standards


We are able to produce customer made precision stamping parts, forging parts , casting parts, CNC machined parts, CNC turning parts ,mechanical components ,mechanical parts and cnc machining parts and so on for you.