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We uphold quality standards throughout our manufacturing process and possess both ISO9001:2008 and IATF 16949 quality certification. FRIMA is devoted to offering quality CNC machined parts at an affordable price.

FRIMA CNC machining-equipment

Major Capabilities

FRIMA is committed to providing high quality products to our customers and thus to their customers. The key to our success is actively engaging with customers throughout the product design, development and manufacturing lifecycle.

Our 8,000 sq. ft. machine shop in Ningbo, China has nearly every precision CNC manufacturing capability you could possibly need. If you need real-time tools for milling, drilling, tapping, facing, cross-drilling and turning all kinds of metal and plastic parts, there is no better supplier than FRIMA. We have a wide range of processing equipment and sophisticated inspection equipment to handle any complex or tight tolerance product.

We also offer professional surface treatment services for all machined parts, including grinding, deburring, heat treatment, electroplating, coating, painting, etc. Our high-quality manufacturing solutions can complete your design in a few hours. This allows you to test your product thoroughly and make any necessary changes to refine your design before the product goes into full production.

FRIMA CNC machining-equipment

Company History

2009 Established NINGBO FRIMA manufacturing plant

2013 Obtained ISO 9000 certification

2015 Started foreign trade business and exported products to Europe and North America

2019 Obtained TS16949 certification

2021 Factory Relocation to larger area for 5000 ㎡, the maximum production capacity reach 2000 tons/year

FRIMA CNC machining-equipment

Experience & Service

At FRIMA, our comprehensive manufacturing process guarantees that each of our customers’ needs are taken care of. This process can handle complex and delicate parts such as optical components, automotive parts, medical equipment, and aerospace parts. No matter how complex your project, we can produce the parts you need.

In addition to our comprehensive manufacturing process, we also offer PPAP Quality Control, Surface Finishing, Stamping & Fabrication, Precision Machining, and other services.

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FRIMA CNC machining-equipment

CNC Design & Engineering

FRIMA Manufacturing provides cost-effective engineering and design services to build and deliver CNC-fabricated parts for your unique process and product challenges. Our team can custom any CNC-part or CNC assembly imaginable. Customers in the furniture, power generation, construction, or OEM industries can rely on FRIMA’s design, assembly, finishing, and polishing skills for any CNC machining job.

From the moment a quote is made to the moment a finished part leaves the factory, FRIMA follows documented procedures to ensure quality parts are delivered to your location. Our full-time quality staff as well as engineering and administrative staff ensure that all aspects of producing quality precision machined parts are followed to ensure overall customer satisfaction.

Our Shipping

Our company is based in Ningbo, home to the largest export port in China – Ningbo Port. We are also very close to Shanghai airport, making it easy to keep fast air freight to your destination.

We work with UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT and EMS services to ship samples or small quantities to your office within 7 business days.

FRIMA CNC machining-equipment

Let’s Get Started

Now that you know your precision machining components and parts need the kind of precision that only CNC precision machining can provide, it’s time to talk to FRIMA Manufacturing. You can get more information by contacting us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Let our expertise turn your vision into a better reality

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