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Our workshop runs at high speeds and with production-quality standards. We have many world-class, large-scale and national facilities to help you make better parts faster.


Experts in CNC Machining Service

FRIMA is engineered to be nimble, employs a team of experts in CNC machining service, and takes an quality-centric approach to everything we do. Tens of thousands of product developers and engineers across the world trust FRIMA to bring their products to life.

With our certificated CNC machining facilities, we serve companies from the Fortune 100 to innovative start-ups across industries such as medical, aerospace, defense, automotive, healthcare, electronics, and more.


Today FRIMA has expanded into customized CNC machining facilities designed around our core process philosophy.  Our managment system certificated by IATF 16949& ISO9001, executed by its team of manufacturing experts, and led by a team of seasoned industry veterans, provides our customers with consistent results under ever shorter timelines.  As a result, you get your product to market faster than ever.

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Engineered to be Nimble

FRIMA is engineered to be nimble enabling us to deliver simple to complex CNC parts from prototype to production on time and on budget. Our on demand manufacturing capabilities in Ningbo allow us to provide the flexibility, speed and responsiveness to ensure your innovative design needs are met – often reducing time to market by weeks.

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Expert Team

With 12 years of industry experience, we continue to build robust teams of experts in CNC Machining and rapid prototyping. From concept to production our design and engineer teams along with our customer experience group are with you every step of the way.

Our Company

Quality Centric

We understand the day-to-day challenges engineers face and have built our business around helping alleviate those struggles. With a focus on keeping projects on time and budget while addressing the complex needs of designing and manufacturing a prototype, we have beend audited by IATF16949 ,ISO 9001 management system.

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