The Benefits of CNC Machining

CNC machining or computer numerical control machining involves the use of computers to control machine tools. This technology provides a higher level of automation and productivity. It involves controlling various functions such as coordination and speed through a computer program using a language called G-Code.

Today, CNC machine tools are used in almost all industries, from small factories to large industries. Some of the industries that use CNC machine tools include the metal removal industry, the metal processing industry, the EDM industry and the wood industry.

CNC machines offer multiple benefits and this is the reason they are more popular than conventional numerical control machines. FRIMA offers the best CNC machining solutions in Ningbo, China.

FRIMA CNC Swiss Machining

The benefits of CNC machining–reduce costs

CNC machine tools make the whole process more efficient and reduce the waste of raw materials. Compared to traditional CNC machine tools, it requires fewer operators, thus reducing labor costs.

FRIMA CNC machining-equipment

The benefits of CNC machining–improve the degree of automation

CNC machining increases the degree of automation and thus requires fewer operators. It can automatically change the tool after the first loading. Unlike traditional CNC machine tools that require skilled engineers, CNC machines can be operated by less skilled people, trained to operate software, which reduces the reliance on labor.

FRIMA CNC machining-equipment

The benefits of CNC machining–improve efficiency

Because of its high efficiency, CNC machine tools are most suitable for mass production. These machines produce the same result every time, and if errors or discrepancies are encountered in the product, the operation will automatically stop, thus reducing the waste of raw materials.


The benefits of CNC machining–high flexibility

CNC machine tools are operated by computer programs, so they are highly flexible. Changes can be easily made in these programs, which makes it easier to update CNC machines with minimal cost.

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The benefits of CNC machining–reduce the chance of errors

CNC machines are automated and run by computer programs, reducing the chance of human error. In addition, these machines come with built-in safety features that reduce the chance of operator error.

Surface Finish at FRIMA – Process for CNC Automotive Parts

The benefits of CNC machining–uninterrupted operation

CNC machine tools can run 24 hours without interruption. You can also turn these machines off and continue to use them. If properly and regularly inspected, these machines can last for many years.



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Apr 01, 2022