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CNC surface finishing is a process that uses computer-controlled machinery to produce a smooth, consistent finish on a workpiece. Surface finishing helps define and refine the overall texture after CNC machining.

There are a number of different methods available for CNC surface finishing, and the best choice for your project will depend on the materials you use and the results you want.

Benefits of CNC surface finishing

CNC surface finishing can be used to remove burrs, improve the quality of welds, and smooth out rough edges. CNC surface finishing can also be used to add decorative finishes to a workpiece, such as a brushed or mirror-like finish.

There are many benefits to using CNC surface finishing, including improved surface quality, increased productivity, and lower production costs. This type of finishing is also more consistent and repeatable than traditional methods, such as hand finishing.

If you are considering using CNC surface finishing for your next project, be sure to consider all of the benefits this type of finishing can offer.

What machining CNC surface finishes does FRIMA offer?

Polished Process

Polished/Grinding surface

Polished/Grinding surfaces can be done by hand or using various types of machine polishing equipment. FRIMA can provide a hand-polished/electro-polished finish to your specifications or a barrel finish. Finishing equipment provides isotropic finishing, which means the surface is consistent on all sides of the part.

The Roughness could meet below Ra 0.8 and even more shinning like mirror.

powder coating

Powder Coating

Powder coating is the process of applying powder-based paint to a part and then baking the paint onto the part. Powder coatings come in a variety of options, from color choices to textures. When designing a part, it must be kept in mind that powder coating adds paint to the surface of the part and does not provide a precise surface like CNC operations. Critical areas can be masked during powder coating to avoid critical dimension areas.



Anodizing is a corrosion-resistant coating and, if specified, a wear-resistant coating. It is most often associated with aluminum parts and is available in a variety of colors. Anodizing tends to be slightly transparent, so it may be important to consider the CNC machine markings below. The anodized “layer” is consistent and thin (less than 0.002″ thick). You need to take this into account when tolerating components.

Zinc Plating


Electroplating is a method of electroplating metals onto other materials using electricity. It is often used to create decorative finishes on metal objects such as jewelry or auto parts. The process relies on applying an electrical current to the metal and conducting it to the substrate. Electroplating can be applied to various metals other than aluminum.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a major industrial and economic force globally. FRIMA is your go-to manufacturer when automotive precision threaded parts are required. Our automotive experts will leverage our CNC machining capabilities, inventory planning and JIT services to deliver quality parts on time.

Food & Package Industry

At today’s standards, the food industry has a very high demand for quality components and equipment. With such high regulation of food contaminants, pathogens and allergens, the landscape of food processing and packaging has changed significantly in recent years.

Agriculture Industry

FRIMA’s on-demand manufacturing services are the perfect solution for agricultural businesses who need to rapidly prototype and iterate. With our CNC machining, vacuum casting, rapid prototyping and plastic injection molding capabilities, we can help you create innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of the agricultural industry.

Marine Industry

Precision CNC machining is a process that removes material from a workpiece to create a desired shape or finish. This process is often used to create parts for the marine industry, as it offers a high degree of accuracy and precision.

Automation Industry

FRIMA provide cnc parts for the Automation Industry. We have a wide variety of parts that are essential for the proper functioning of Automation machines. We have years of experience in supplying these parts and our team is always available to help you choose the right part for your needs.

Medical Industry

FRIMA specializes in custom machined components for the medical industry. We have experience machining parts for a variety of medical applications, including implants, prosthetics, and surgical instruments. Our team of experts can work with you to design and manufacture custom components that meet your specific needs.

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