FRIMA Shipping CNC Bolts to Denmark

On the morning of December 16, 2019, FRIMA completed the delivery of CNC bolts to Denmark. Our commitment to precision and timely service ensures that our customers receive the highest quality metal bolts for their needs.

The series consists of 14 various sizes. It undergoes rigorous inspections five times to ensure quality, including checks for hole passing, screw go-on, screw not-go-on, and appearance. This CNC Machining parts process begins with cold forming the semi-finished part, followed by rough machining, precision machining, and CNC milling.

Our company adheres to the IATF 16949:2016 management system, ensuring that we maintain high standards in our operations. When it comes to delivering goods, we have our own fleet of trucks for domestic shipping. For international shipping, we work with experienced and reliable forwarders who handle both sea and air shipments efficiently.

China High Quality CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer

At the FRIMA factory, we specialize in providing solutions for precision CNC turned parts and machinery parts. We can meet your price and quality requirements for all of your CNC machining needs. Our team is highly skilled and pays close attention to every detail and dimension, ensuring that each unit exceeds expectations. Whether you or your client require specific dimensions, we excel in delivering exceptional results in every aspect of our work.

bolts packing

FRIMA has been dedicated to delivering superior precision CNC parts to our valued clients at competitive and affordable prices. Our goal is long-term collaboration, not maximizing profits from single or sporadic partnerships. CNC machining is a complex and precise process that sets the standard for manufacturing excellence. In addition, it is the most important production method for making precision CNC parts in all materials. We prioritize precision and tight tolerance, providing our clients with top-notch results every time.

Nov 01, 2022