Metal Stamping Parts

Metal Stamping Parts

Are you looking for high-quality Metal Stamping Parts services? Are you tired of waiting months only to return samples because the parts are of poor quality and don’t meet your needs? We are your solution for metal stamping parts.

At FRIMA, material inspection is the most important step in our process— even more important than CNC machine operation on some occasions. We test each part against a checklist of quality control requirements before the CNC Stamping is even fired up.

At FRIMA, we can build all of our tools and the ability to take your tools and run them in our punch presses. Our team can run single-stage to fully progressive tooling from 40 to 300 tons. Our multiple feed lines allow us to simultaneously run single-stage and fully progressive line setups.

Short-run production or 10000+ production.

  • Stamping molds design in-house  in 3 days
  • Stamping molds made in-house  in 2 weeks 
  • Stamping production in-house  in 2 weeks 
  • Contacted Rohs plating surface treatment in 3 days

Metal stamping parts are mainly used for supporting other parts of products or as functional parts and enclosures of the products. the stamped parts are made by custom tooling and die to press flat sheet metal into the desired shape. The most common sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes include punching, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining.

metal stamping parts

Metal stamping Parts

 Our design team, tool-building abilities, and metal stamping technology are fully integrated. If a change occurs during the job process, we can reconcile differences quickly in-house. We control every aspect of the stamping process to ensure efficiency and offer our customers quality and cost-effectiveness.

Such as sheet metal stamping clamps, metal stamping seals, sheet metal stamping brackets, sheet metal stamping holders, console covers, aluminum/steel brackets, spring clips, stainless steel plates, aluminum & steel shelf, and Aluminum cover.

Rectangular washers, metal stamped PCBA front Panel, pressed-in hole parts by PEM studs, nuts & fasteners, screw, and pin welded stamping parts, mounted stamping parts, electronic mounting sheet plates, copper terminal connectors, and all metal stamping brackets.

Stamping is the forming process of the workpiece (stamping part) by applying an external force to the plate, strip, pipe, and profile by press and die to produce plastic deformation or separation. Stamping and forging belong to molding processing (or pressure machining). The stamping raw materials are mainly hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plates and steel strips.

metal stamping parts 570

China professional metal stamping parts

We have more than 50 sets of different tonnages of conventional punches (stamping machines) from 5 tons – 320 tons, can produce max dimensions with 800mm*600mm sheet metal stamping parts, and the sheet parts thickness from 0.1mm – 8mm of carbon steel or brass, 3mm for stainless steel.

In addition to cold stamping, we also have high-frequency heating machines that can provide hot forging services welding machines, riveting machines, polishing machines, etc. multiple equipment can support us to produce more complex structure hardware products.

We also have 6 sets of different sizes of progressive die stamping machines, which can produce small metal stampings with high speed and low prices.

We are a professional metal stamping bracket manufacturer from China Ningbo, producing many kinds of metal stamping parts for foreign customers with 15 years of experience. We provide one-stop services for metal stamping parts

Dec 01, 2022