An Overview to Stainless Steel Stamping Faceplate

Last week, we just shipped 5 pallets of Stainless steel Stamping Faceplate for LED pool light to our European customer. They are made of SS316L material. Beautiful surface without any scratches or other defects. One of our customers, Peter, is just happy with our quality service. He said FRIMA did another good job!


What is a stainless steel stamping faceplate

The stainless steel stamped panel is a high quality, durable accessory that is ideal for a variety of applications. The panel is made of stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance and longevity. It is designed for high abrasive environments and is ideal for commercial or industrial use. Whether you need it for your home or workplace, this stainless steel stamped panel is guaranteed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

FRIMA experience in stainless steel stamping faceplate

Stainless steel stamping parts have been one of the major services of our CNC stamping since 2007. Stainless steel is only one segment of the steel material. But stainless steel serves a large of applications from equipment for tough industrial fields to brightly polished products.

Grade 304 and 316 stainless steel plates are the most common types we use for CNC Stamping. The difference between these two grades is the 316 steel parts by stainless steel machining are much more corrosion-resistant against chloride.  We also machined lots of 304 precise parts for automotive manufacturing.

If we want to obtain high-quality precision parts through stainless steel stamping parts, there are two main control factors. If these two factors are not well controlled, the tool will break faster, and the processing project will become a pile of expensive and useless steel. So we have to know when to use mineral oil and water-soluble emulsified oil.

It can also be used as a tool during stainless steel stamping. It is necessary to find the most appropriate tool for each project. Ultimate load, high speed and absolute power are the basis of stainless steel processing. We have accumulated sufficient experience of what tools to use and when to change to new ones.


Sep 01, 2021