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Customized Extruder Screw

Customized Extruder Screw

Material: HVOF Spray Coating Screw, PTA Spray Welding Screw, Nitriding Screw
Application: For use in the Injection Moulding Machine , Extrusion Moulding Machine, Bakelite Moulding Machine, and Rubber Moulding Machine.
Processing Dimension:Min External Diameter Ø 12mm, Max External Diameter Ø 250mm,Effective length Ø 8000mm .

Extruder SCREW

Heat-treatment, Nitriding treatment, Electroplated hard-chrome finish, High-frequency quenching, Spray coating bimetallic-alloy, Vacuum quenching.

Customer’s specification and drawing are accepted in the manufacturing various materials of pillars, columns, tie bars, guide rods which applicable to various plastic, rubber injection molding machine, hydraulic machine, diverse machine tool etc. (Special dimension and spec. are also acceptable. )

The instruction of Through Hardened Screw:




Scope of Plastic Application

Grade A

Super hard powder steel

High strength, good anti-abrasion resistance, good toughness

Grade A material applicable to the Engineering plastics with 30%~40% fiberglass.
The plastics: the engineering plastics like LCP,PA6T,PA9T,PEI,PEEK,PPS.Magnetic powder, Ceramic, Teflon, Iron powder, and other additives.

Grade B

Powder tool steel

High toughness, excellent abrasion resistance, good thermal Security

Grade B material is applicable to the engineering plastics or super-engineering plastics with glass fire of 30% or below and fire agent, like LCP,PA6T,PA9T,etc.

Grade C

Through hardened tool steel

high hardness, toughness,anti-abrasion resistance, impact resistance

Grade C material is applicable to the engineering plastics like PA66,LCP,PC,PA6,PMMA and the plastic with fiberglass of 15% or below.

Optical PC

Stainless steel

High strength, good anti-abrasion, good anti-corrosion resistance

PC,PMMA,and optical plastic products
(Lenses, backlit panels, lightguide plate, etc.)