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China Precision Machining Parts

China Precision Machining Parts

China Precision Machining Parts

Product Name :Precision Machining Stainless Steel Union Joint For Chemical Industrial Pipeline

Main Use:Industry,Machinery Parts,Chemical Industry

   Technical parameter


Technical: Precision Machining
Material: Stainless Steel
Machining Surface Roughness: Ra0.8-1.6
Support File Format : ProE (.igs , .stp) , Auto CAD , PDF, Jpeg,   Jpg, Png
Machining Equipment : Inclined Bed ,CNC Turning Machine
Surface Finished : Nickel Plating
Measuring Tool : Three Coordinate, Micrometer, Caliper, Height Gauge,Screw Gauge,Outside Diameter Gauge
Inspection : First Checking , Checking , Final Checking
QC Report: Material Stainless Steel Report,Product Ddimension Inspection Report


China Precision Machining

Machining Capability Inspection Capability

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